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21Sextury Admin Feb 11 3 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! / Important Big Changes Coming to 21Sextury Network

The 21 Network is partnering with  another company, Gamma Entertainment, in order to be able to mutually grow and improve services. Gamma Entertainment is an established brand and purveyor of top quality sites like Evil Angel, GirlsWay, Rocco Siffredi, and Fantasy Massage.  The idea is, by collaborating efforts 21 Network will continue to create great content and improve in the areas a company like Gamma Entertainment is already stronger by adding additional resources to the 21Network members experience.  

We have listed the changes you should expect to happen as of February 25th and some answers to questions you may have as well

1. The idea of credits is being removed, what should I expect?

  • The credit system is being removed but don’t worry you are not losing them! Instead credits will be converted into scene unlocks that you can use to buy scenes. You will have lifetime access to these scenes, in the same way as with the old credits system. 

2. What exactly are Scene Unlocks, and where can I get more?

  • Scene unlocks is replacing your credits as of February 25th, 2016. The idea of scene unlocks means you will be unlocking a scene for a lifetime access. Even after your membership is inactive you will be able to view all your unlocked scenes as well as unlock new ones.
  • You will be credited 1 scene unlock for every 295 credits you have in your balance as of February 25th. For uneven amounts we will always round up in your advantage so a balance of 296 credits will equal 2 scene unlocks total. Your scene unlock balance will be located where you see your credit balance now.

Bonus for all existing users with active accounts before the change date: an additional 5 scene unlocks will be also added to your balance, to thank you for your loyalty and help you through our new changes.

3. Will I be able to get more credits?

  • You will not have the ability to buy more credits after February 24th, but you will still be able to unlock scenes by purchasing them directly with a quick 1 step purchase.

4. Will I still accumulate loyalty credits?

  • Unfortunately, this will no longer be the case. As a part of the changes we will be removing the loyalty system and users will no longer accrue credits for logins and extended duration as a member. But don’t worry, we have a lot of great promotions coming your way!

Bonus: To help with the transitions we are offering all existing members with an active subscription a one month free access to Fantasy Massage, a premium massage network just to say THANKS. You will be able to access FantasyMassage.com from March 1st to 31st using your 21members login credentials.

5. How much time do I have to use all my credits?

  • You have until February 24th to use as many of your credits as you want. If you don’t get to use them all, you will get the equal amount of scenes unlocked for you. This way, you will not lose anything even after credits are no longer in use.

6. What will happen to favorites and comments?

  • There will be no changes to your favorites or comments. They will all be completely accessible for members. 

7.Will my membership be affected at all?

  • Not at all! Your membership and price will not change. It will continue to include unlimited streaming and downloads for active memberships

 8. Will I be able to upgrade to other networks?

  • Yes, you will still be able to upgrade to other networks, however not by using credits. After February 25th, you will be able to conduct direct transactions and will no longer have to purchase credits. You will instead be offered a much simpler 1 click purchase option that can be used to activate a network or purchase a scene for lifetime access.